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Messaging Playbook Magic

Boilerplate is so boring, and it rarely hits the mark. By rare, this is the type that makes the price
skyrocket or it’s nearly extinct.

Marketers and business development professionals tend to respond to the same kinds of questions all
the time, so it’s easy to have a standard answer. Some questions are so general that it’s hard to home in
on THE most memorable words that would capture that audience’s attention and lead to curiosity or

Still, getting out of the boilerplate trench is hard. You have many restraints and writing all new content
for proposals, presentations, or networking small talk is overwhelming. Alas, it’s easier to use what you
already have (and don’t like) than change it up.

I’ve developed this innovative tool to help you develop compelling content that can be used in a multitude of ways: proposals, presentations, website copy, networking conversations, trade show booths, collateral, Lunch and Learns. Wherever you communicate, you need a Messaging Playbook to provide the playbook for messaging that gets heard.

It starts with a storytelling framework. We identify our clients’ problems, understand how they feel about them, provide a little information about our capabilities, give them an easy plan so they can feel
comfortable with our call to action. Then we compile ideas and examples of what success means to them and help them understand the risks of not acting now.

From there, we craft clear messages that resonate with our clients. Remember, it started with them when we identified their problems, concerns, and issues. People don’t care so much about what we want to talk about. They care about themselves and how they are going to survive during their challenges.

Once we have a library of compelling statements for a variety of audience types, we build our
communications programs, including social media, thought leadership, cover letters, award submittals, email campaigns, slogans and taglines, and even recruiting and employee retaining communications. We have pre-thought through the storytelling process and then create better content faster.

 You look at your audiences, understand their issues,
and then develop content that guides them to success.

You’re not blah or boring!

You’re standing out from the competition because
you’re talking about what matters to them.

Ta Da!

Readers love when content helps them solve problems. We use a proven storytelling process that starts with identifying what the reader needs most to survive and thrive. Then we apply word magic so it’s easy to digest and apply. Winning content is relevant, brief, and memorable.