Marketing Services for Architects, Engineers & Contractors

Be clear and memorable. Stand out from the competition. 

Win Profitable Work

Build Awareness

Attract Great Employees

Marketing Services for architectural, construction, and engeneering.

Stop wasting valuable time and money on ineffective marketing.

Marketing services for architecture, construction, and engineering.

You work too hard to settle for mediocre results.

It’s time to clean up your marketing.

Watch your hit rate jump and work with the clients you want.

Know where you’re going. Be clear. Train your team.

Winning Plans

Strategies to win the work you want.

Plans that Lead to Winning More Work

Practical A/E/C Strategies & Tactics

Marketing & Communication Plans

Client Capture & Project Pursuit Plans

Memorable Writing

Messaging that captures attention so your business stands out.

Writing That’s Remembered

Narrative Marketing

Win Themes & Copywriting

Campaigns & Collateral that Position You to Win

Tailored Training

Marketers, technical staff & executive teams.

Customized Staff Training

Compliant & Persuasive Writing

Authentic & Memorable Speaking

Relevant Exercises that Spark Learning

Marketing Services

Work with an A/E/C industry expert.

Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM

Clients still say they don’t know what you do, no matter how hard you try. There is a better way to stand out and be noticed for your experience and expertise. With over 25 years in A/E/C marketing services, I’ve seen it all and feel your frustration. Long hours. Go’s that should have been No’d. Boring boilerplate. 

As a nationally recognized* veteran marketer, published author, and accomplished storyteller, I help companies clarify their mission, messaging, and marketing.

*Awarded the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement Award in 2022 for outstanding service and lasting industry contributions in research, education, leadership, marketing communications, and innovative programs.

Barbara Shuck Marketing Services Consultant

Everest Marketing Services provides a comprehensive toolbox of planning, writing, and training services that help you win work and attract employees to grow your firm.

A/E/C marketing is based on the 4 Pillars of Marketing and Business Development.

Identify Opportunities

  • Mission Statements
  • Marketing Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Client Capture & Project Pursuit Plans
  • Go/No-Go Strategies
  • Marketing Audits
  • BD Essentials Training

Develop Relationships

  • Client Perception Studies
  • Client Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conference Strategies
  • Networking Training

Secure Profitable Work

  • Proposal Assessments
  • Project Pursuit Strategy & Execution
  • Writing & Editing
  • Red Team Review
  • Debriefs
  • Project Pursuit Coaching
  • Proposal Writing Training
  • Technical Writing Training

Build Awareness

  • Messaging Playbooks
  • Award Submittals
  • Client Testimonials
  • Collateral
  • Publicity
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Presentation Strategy & Messaging
  • Website Messaging

Work Examples:

Marketing and Business Development Roadmaps are tailored solutions that make implementation possible.

Design by Dovetail Design.

Most A/E/C proposals are routine, predictable, and boring. Take the gloves off and use storytelling narrative to evoke the senses.

Proposal design by Dovetail Design.

A good Communications Plan provides an integrated approach so company messages are aligned and memorable.

Design by Dovetail Design.

Brochures are the perfect place to dig into client problems and show the path to success. 

Completed while with another firm.

Focused messages appeal to today’s busy readers. Tap into market sector trends and share problem-solving examples that clients love.

Design by Dovetail Design.

Convey “Why Us” and “Why Not Them” themes that connect with selection panels. 

Proposal design by Dovetail Design.

Competition for municipal infrastructure projects is fierce and a bold theme beyond “on time and within budget” won the day.

Proposal design by Dovetail Design.

Here’s how to start:


Schedule a complimentary one-hour discovery meeting.


Get a tailored plan to achieve marketing success.


Win Work.
Attract Great People.
Experience Growth.

Why hire an A/E/C marketing consultant?

Marketing Services

Your team is in the trenches every day and may not be aware of the latest practices that drive results. The long list of “when we have time” tasks are overshadowed with proposals and winning work. You need a professional with special expertise in design and construction to help you simplify the complex, clarify the vague, and help you stand out in the highly competitive A/E/C industry.

Barbara routinely works with A/E/C consultants across the country to boost strategy and provide exceptional writing expertise to help win work and attract employees.

Barbara Shuck Marketing Services Consultant

What clients say:

We were looking for an “outside” third party consultant with actual leadership expertise. Barbara showed us how leaders don’t need a title to lead, which especially helped our younger staff. She pulled the engineers into the presentation, which increased their leadership confidence.

Working with Barbara adds value to our client services and within our team. She is an integral part of our clients’ pursuits that result in us exceeding expectations and lead to numerous project wins. Barbara is a strategic partner with a plethora of industry knowledge. She has the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to client needs. Barbara is always ready and flexible, and we count on her to jump into the trenches to help clients win.

When I launched my consulting business, I was struggling and wandering in my own marketing messaging. Barbara presented a structured method to accomplish my objectives— a compelling message presented succinctly— and showed me a process that works for all communications. Now I have a clear message and can focus on what I do best which helps my business move forward.

I am also on the lookout for clients of mine or others in the industry that I see that could use your help. You were super easy to work with and produced the content very quickly.

I want you to know that you really add a lot of value to the LEAP class, and I hope you stay with it.

Barbara is a MASTER with words! She guided me through the storytelling process to hone in on exactly what my business offers my customers. Succinct, understandable, and directly to the point… it’s magic, and I can’t wait to add the language to my website. Thank you Thank you Thank you! This is so fun!


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