Storybrand Marketing Framework Certified Storybrand Guide

A Certified Storybrand Guide and marketing to help your Clarify Your Message.



Challenged to Build Your Leadership Team?

The Architecture of Vision provides a framework, methodology, and assessment tools to give your firm the edge while building a collaborative, creative, and consensus-driven growth-focused culture.

Struggling to Grow in Your Field?

The Architecture of Vision provides aspiring and emerging leaders with new insights, direction, and actionable steps to take your career to the next level, based on awareness, acceptance, and action.

Use the Architecture of Vision Framework

Craig Park and Barbara Shuck — Society of Marketing Professional Services Fellows, past national presidents, and SMPS Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement Award recipients — share insights into the nature of leadership and leadership development, providing a framework based on three pillars: Inspiration, Innovation, and Integrity. Aimed at the needs of firms and aspiring leaders, they provide clear, real-world, contemporary examples of becoming more aware, accepting, and actionable as a visionary leader in a professional service firm.

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