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Reinvigorating a Blog

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Nicole Posten-Thompson is a badass architect who owns On Point Architecture. She asked for help to revive and reinvigorate her blog where she shared project information and OPA news. Instead of a blog, we moved to a monthly email “newsletter” where she “owns” the mailing list. We created a simple framework with a main story, a secondary “for fun” story, and then provide a link back to her website to optimize search engine optimization.

Note the air quotes around newsletter. This isn’t all about Nicole and her business. The style is humorous and captures Nicole’s personality so readers can see that she’s an accomplished architect with a little/lot of sass. We talk about problems that clients run into, and she provides examples that build her authority.

The result? So far, so good. Her open rate is higher than industry standards, and she receives replies and comments every time. She accomplished a goal to connect with another architect for a business opportunity because they had been receiving the newsletter and she was top of mind for a meeting. Cha-ching! Deal closed.

Email newsletters shouldn’t be boring and stay unopened in your readers’ inboxes. They hook readers because they’re focused on what your audience wants to read.