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What are the points on your communication compass?

Many professionals are focusing on self-improvement with New Year’s resolutions to Dry January goals. With that in mind, here are four communication compass points that I want to guide me this year:

1. Define the purpose.

2. Focus on the audience.

3. Provide a clear plan.

4. Envision success.

Communication is effective when the intended message is received accurately. It starts with the purpose, then considers the audience (filters, biases, etc.), then moves to the essence of the message, and finally considers the impact of the message. Did the sender succeed in getting the message across as intended?

We’re sending messages all day to colleagues, clients, friends, family members, and even strangers who we encounter in the business of life. Good communication is not random. I’m eager to use my communication compass to improve my efforts in 2023.

What are the points on your communication compass?

Leadership sometimes seems like the pinnacle of success. Experienced climbers know the trail isn’t always straight and sometimes there are false summits that slow down the trip. Instead of focused on the end, using a “Learn | Do | Master | Teach” approach sets professionals up for all types of experiences that build their leadership skills and insights.