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The first step is the hardest.

Every journey starts with the first step. Whether it’s the highest peak on planet Earth or a leisurely stroll in your neighborhood, you won’t go anywhere until you take that first step.

One foot in front of the other, a little lean and balance, and then the next foot.

Voila! You’ve taken that step.

Why is it so hard to start? Maybe you’re tired from other activities. Maybe the clock is ticking, and you don’t want to make time.

Unknown challenges certainly lie ahead. What if something happens along the way to detour you from your goal. Do you even have a goal?

Still, you won’t get anywhere unless you start.

Research the route. Get in shape. Gather the essentials. Pack your bag. Take out unnecessary items that will weigh you down. Set out the gear you’ll need right away. Get a good night’s sleep. Set the alarm. Go to sleep. Rest.

Now you’re ready for the journey.

Friends, this is our first step together on our journey to discover ideas, insights and inspiration about communication, marketing, business development, and leadership. May it serve your needs, challenge your notions, and launch your personal and professional success to new heights.

Cheers to a safe and memorable adventure together!

Leadership sometimes seems like the pinnacle of success. Experienced climbers know the trail isn’t always straight and sometimes there are false summits that slow down the trip. Instead of focused on the end, using a “Learn | Do | Master | Teach” approach sets professionals up for all types of experiences that build their leadership skills and insights.