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First things first.

Your plate is full. Your schedule is jam-packed. You just got that call that _____ project is a go, and
“they” need your write-up by 5 pm today.

“What?” you say to yourself, “I thought that project was a No-Go! I already have another piece I’m
working on!”

What’s your process to clear the deck and get on that ______ project to meet “their” deadline?
What do you do first? How can you fit in one more thing, do it well, and not let that other piece suffer?

Ding! Time’s up. Finish. Email it to “them.” You’re done.
Even with a full plate and a jam-packed schedule, you can produce content when you set the course and focus. Writing quickly and efficiently on deadline takes practice and focus.
Ready, set, go!

Leadership sometimes seems like the pinnacle of success. Experienced climbers know the trail isn’t always straight and sometimes there are false summits that slow down the trip. Instead of focused on the end, using a “Learn | Do | Master | Teach” approach sets professionals up for all types of experiences that build their leadership skills and insights.