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Leadership Matters

Take a minute to read the headline out loud. You can put the emphasis on either word:

Say it a few times. Which do you prefer? Is your emphasis on leadership and your mind goes to the people in positions of responsibility, authority, and decision-making? Or does the emphasis on matters mean that no matter who’s in that seat, the intent matters?

People or purpose?

Maybe the emphasis isn’t important.
The entire statement is true.

That’s why my friend, Craig Park, and I wrote our book,
The Architecture of Vision: Leadership in Your Professional Practice,
which is set to publish on October 1.

We’re excited to share insights, stories, and tools to help AEC industry professionals improve their leadership effectiveness.


Let’s start with three essential pillars: Inspiration, Innovation, and Integrity, which are the strong supporting elements of our framework.

Why these three?

the realization that the leader’s role is to motivate. It comes through mentoring or the sudden spark
of a brilliant idea, or it’s the process of being mentally stimulated to create something.

the ability to define a vision that’s set apart from the competition. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that drives leaders to implement a new process or service to improve efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage.

the final pillar that demonstrates the leader’s true nature through words and actions.
It involves moral principles and being a “whole” person.

Inspired and motivational team members are more engaged, creative, and committed to the organization’s goals. An inspirational leader fosters a culture of collaboration within the firm. They encourage their team to think creatively and to take calculated risks that lead to new and better ways of doing things. Encouraging creativity results in improved client service. Increased efficiency and effectiveness, and a competitive advantage for the firm.

Innovative leadership provides the basis for competitive advantage. Encouraging innovation builds a culture that distinguishes the firm from otherwise like services.

A leader with high integrity sets the tone for ethical behavior and ensures the organization operates consistently with its values and principles. Integrity helps build trust and confidence with clients, stakeholders, and the broader community, which can be invaluable for the firm’s reputation and long-term success.

Leadership matters, and we’re on a mission to help AEC professionals—current executives, future leaders, and young professionals—think about their leadership effectiveness and use our tools to help refine their leadership approach.

We look forward to provoking thought and great conversations!

Leadership sometimes seems like the pinnacle of success. Experienced climbers know the trail isn’t always straight and sometimes there are false summits that slow down the trip. Instead of focused on the end, using a “Learn | Do | Master | Teach” approach sets professionals up for all types of experiences that build their leadership skills and insights.