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Books In My Pack – Thoughtfully Fit

Many keynote speakers have written books and their on-stage performances hit the highlights. And oh-by-the- way, they’re selling books in the hallway after the session. When the speaker captures my interest, I’m that attendee who will buy the book onsite (and I don’t care about the autograph). Oftentimes, I’ll avoid the long line and purchase the gem online during a break. (Amazon used books are my favorite.)

Darcy Louma was a keynote speaker at the SMPS Heartland Regional Conference last year in Milwaukee. She hooked me with her energy, personal story, motivational tips, and fitness theme; I bought the book after a few minutes in line.

I enjoyed Thoughtfully Fit because it blends personal and fitness coaching,
vulnerability, framework logic, and workbook-type exercises and questions.
It’s like six books all in one! What a deal!

I especially like Darcy’s core concept, based on Pause. Think. Act. I need regular (and often not-so-gentle) reminders to slow down when I’m faced with a personal or professional challenge. And, of course, a three-step process is easy to remember and apply. Her framework also includes the thought-provoking elements of Stillness, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Balance, and Flexibility. Her framework is easy to understand and, more important, applicable to many personal and professional situations.

I suppose Darcy gets extra credit for sprinkling in a few quotes about Mount Everest. (It never hurts to mention Everest in any type of conversation.) It was a good book, and I’m sure I’ll use a lot of her ideas and suggestions.

“Being Thoughtfully Fit will make life feel easier by helping you be more aware of your thoughts and in better control of your actions.”

Darcy Louma

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