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Books In My Pack – Take the Lead

Take the Lead, by Betsy Myers. I love leadership books, and they all have nuggets that I can drop into my career bucket. This entire book belongs in the bucket.

Betsy was the chief operating officer and senior advisor to Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and has a noteworthy background. This book isn’t about politics, and uses excellent examples that help us recognize everyday leadership opportunities.

One (of many) nuggets that I use regularly is the concept of a focusing question, that is, one that helps us gain clarity and focus. She tells the campaign story about how it was difficult to respond to all the requests for Obama to appear at events. They determined that winning Iowa was the path to the Presidency, and started asking the question, “How does this help us win Iowa?” They began to prioritize requests based on their focus question, and well, the results are history.

SO WHAT? What focusing question will help you or your firm develop organizational focus and discipline? “Will this writeup help us win the {insert project name here}?” “Will this {insert thought leadership article title here} help us get an appointment with a future client?” “Will this website content help us build awareness in a new geographic region?” or “Will becoming involved in this organization help me reach my professional goals?”

Focus questions are excellent nuggets for your career bucket.

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