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Books In My Pack – Radical Candor

Radical Candor, Kim Scott. Difficult conversations are simply difficult. It’s hard to let people you enjoy working with know when they’re not performing as usual. Feedback is a gift, but hearing even constructive criticism is not easy. Kim Scott has uncovered a clever framework to help professionals of any age maintain composure whatever side of the conversation they’re on.

The framework describes candor as a balanced approach to caring personally and challenging directly. With the two concepts each on a horizontal and vertical axis, it’s clear to see when actions and words aren’t in the the upper right Radical Candor box. The concept is simple and easy to understand.

So What? I like keeping the quadrants in my mind as I plan a difficult conversation. It helps me weigh my purpose and goals, and provides a good foundation for a healthy discussion. I’ve found that when I care personally and challenge directly, I’m more specific in my comments, which helps the other person understand the problem and be more receptive to moving toward a workable solution.

Bonus: The Radical Candor podcast is great! I enjoy the in-depth discussions and examples. Podcasts and audio books are excellent resources, especially on long drives and flights.

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