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Apps In My Pack: Shortform

Imagine you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment. Or you’re waiting to pick up a kiddo at school. Or you’re waiting for the crew to arrive after a flight delay. Of course, you recognize those moments when you have spare time. What do you do in those moments of lull? For me, it’s easy to hop on social media and start scrolling. Some of that scrolling can be good, and others, well, not so much.

Shortform is an app that makes those lull moments productive.

You can read or listen to book summaries or check out articles on a variety of topics. The point is, you don’t have to spend your precious waiting moments wandering mindlessly. You can use them to “read” something that helps expand your knowledge about business, strategies, or tactics.

I like Shortform because I can read or listen to the review. They have well-developed summaries, and add their own comments and other resources for expanded content or points of view. I get a good taste of the subject without having to lug around that wonderful book, and it suits all types of schedules. Sometimes I listen to a summary while preparing a meal or exercising, and I’m glad to have it accessible when I need to pass the time without wasting it.

So What?

For less than $17 per month, I have access to resources that feeds my learning strength, as well as opens me up to other subjects that I may not choose to invest in if I had to purchase the book.

With a life mantra of Learn | Do | Master | Teach, having a book summary app is a good tool in my toolbox to keep me on track.

Busy professionals deserve access to resources that improve their minds and helps them learn new skills. I’m an AEC industry veteran who listens and learns so I can share insights and ideas that help others grow and expand their capabilities.