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A Favorite App – IMDb

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Have you ever watched a movie and had a question about the actors or want to know more about the movie production itself? I almost always pick up the phone and curb my curiosity before the opening credits finish.

IMDB is my go-to app. I love to scroll through the full cast and see if the movie (or TV show) has won awards. Though I like words more than numbers, I enjoy knowing the release date, and actors’ details like birthdays and birthplaces. Yes, it’s an odd trivia fascination, for sure!

The app has a lot of information, including reviews, critics comments, trivia, quotes, and goofs. I usually
do a quick search to get oriented, and then follow the movie with a deeper dive into the details. I have to work hard not to get too distracted — I don’t want to miss the movie!

Cheers to movie trivia. Cue the recliner and popcorn. And… action!
What are your favorite movies?

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