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Athletic girl doing stretching after the evening jog. Sport tight clothes.

Managing Pain and Improving Flexibility.




It’s easy to get stuck at a desk and get so caught up in a task or deadline that you forget that your body needs to stretch. If you’re a fan of good health, you know that stretching improves flexibility, reduces the risk of injury and back pain, improves athletic performance, reduces stress, and gives you better posture.

Clearly, stretching is good. But how to do it often and regularly?

Use the timer on your phone.

Set the timer for 30 minutes and hit start. When the timer goes off, get up from your desk and walk around, do some in-place marching, do side-bends in the doorway, or stretch your upper back and shoulders by standing in a corner with raised arms. Stretch your wrists, do deep-knee bends, or take a quick walk around the office, backyard, or coffee shop.

Move and stretch regularly. Your best friend is the timer on your phone.

You can also set up a walkie-talkie meeting with a friend. Let me know when you’d like to connect and stretch at the same time!

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